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Haringey Clean Air Group was formed in June 2020 by residents concerned about the ambient air pollution in our borough. We have seen a considerable increase of traffic into our neighbourhoods. Our shopping streets are made unpleasant by both noise and air pollution from fast and constant traffic. 

February 2021 – Clean Air Webinar

What a disappointment! 

The Environment Bill has been delayed yet again with long-term consequences for our health, particularly that of our children and those who live and work in busy areas.  Following the recent inquiry into the death of Ella Kissi-Debrah, which highlighted the impact of pollution on her short life, we were hoping for urgent action from our representatives in Parliament. We know our councils want to do better in protecting our health. We know that Haringey is seeking to install PM2.5 monitors in the borough to ascertain levels of these pollutants which scientists increasingly agree are harmful at any level.

Haringey Clean Air Group followed on from last autumn’s People’s Assembly with a free Webinar on monitoring London’s polluted air, and the need for robust legislation which allows councils to act and holds governments to account. Speakers from Imperial College, British Lung Foundation/Asthma UK, and Client Earth presented.

October 2020 – People’s Assembly

Our first People’s Assembly had several speakers including Dr Ian Mudway from Imperial College, Cat Kenyon from Living Streets and Jane Dutton from Mums for Lungs as well as Rebecca Redwood from XR Doctors and Steve Ballard from London Hazards Centre, discussing street workers’ exposure to higher levels of outdoor air pollution. Residents discussed their ideas for how to tackle air pollution in our borough. All felt that this was an urgent health issue that needed prompt action.

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You can contact us at: or follow us on Twitter: @AirHaringey